‘Fallout 4’ Newest Mod Will Bring You Back To The 90s

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 12, 2017 08:49 AM EST

Bethesda is on a roll with the release of re-mastered titles. “Skyrim” and “Dishonored” were both successful and well developed, but is there something more to it that the eyes cannot see?

Express has shared news about the newest “Skyrim: Special Edition” patch. The patch will bring the game to version 1.3, bringing greater stability and performance to the game. Among other goodies received with the latest update are better support for 144hz monitors, a fix on inability to connect to Bethesda’s online service and a fix on the slow-time effects, which were not behaving properly before.

A little known fact, the work on “Skyrim” was one of the studio’s preparations for their work on “Fallout 4”. Transfering the engine to current generation consoles and trying to modify its behavior to best suit the new console and utilize its capabilities to the max.

From the purely technical into the absurd with “Revolted”. Kotaku has shared the newest “Fallout 4” modification, which will send you right back in the 90’s. Available through the Concord Speakeasy terminal, this modification will put you in the shoes of the Overseer for vault 102. He has to save the vault from the evil Professor and it is you who will help him do it. Be aware of your surroundings, as bullets will kill you, so will toxic waste, so will practically anything else you touch in the game. Be not afraid, load up your gun, take off your clothes and destroy the evil professor in all his pixelated glory.

Those who need some adjustment to get in the spirit of “Fallout 4”, before trying the latest mods, can do it with the Nuka Cola World promotional video. Listen to the greatest theme park’s personalized theme song, learn all about the rules of safety and drink and ice-cold Nuka Cola, to keep yourself hydrated.


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