‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Weekend Event: Here’s What Gamers Missed In The Unlocking Of Game Roster Event

By Mia P. , Updated Jan 20, 2017 10:39 PM EST

"Heroes of the Storm", the hero-based MOBA from Blizzard, came with a big weekend event. The game's weekend event enabled players to try out the whole roster of the "Heroes of Storm's" playable characters for free.

"Heroes of the Storm" Weekend Event Celebrates New Game Features

The "Heroes of the Storm" weekend event didn't not only kick off in the beginning of the year, but also celebrate the new game features from 2016, including the new playable characters. In the entirety of Jan. 13 to 16, the entire roster of "Heroes of the Storm" was made available for free.

"Heroes of the Storm" weekend event promo applied to all playable heroes, along with the new additions like Zarya of "Overwatch" and Varian Wrynn of "Worlds of Warcraft." It should be noted that the playable heroes are normally purchased with either real money or through in-game currency prior to being used.

The "Heroes of the Storm" has about 60 playable heroes at present, which made the forthcoming weekend event a perfect opportunity for the gamers to try the new additions. Reports also indicated that the players only needed to spend some time since the game is free-to-play, GameCrate reported.

"Heroes of the Storm" Doubles Down Ranked Play

"Heroes of the Storm" gets an additional solo ranked queue with the start of the third season that kicked off last month. According to reports, the said element was incorporated given that the changes establish the Hero League as the place to show the skills of players as a solo.

However, Lead Game Designer Travis McGeathy revealed that things may change, noting that the season is only a trial. McGeathy further suggest that they may likely have to adjust some of the changes, although they figured it was also worth trying to see how it went, according to Destructoid.

Watch Heroes of the Storm here:

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