Ultra Street FIghter 4 News: More Footage of Rolento's Return [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 07, 2014 04:08 PM EST

We've been seeing more and more of the four characters primed to return to the Street Fighter franchise via the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV. Capcom is following suit and offering another look at yet another familiar face, and with Hugo, Elena, and Poison (dropped the ball on that one) crossed off the list, only Rolento and the mysterious fifth character are left.

Like two of the other Ultra newcomers, Rolento first appeared beret in all as a fast moving, somersaulting soldier in Capcom's arcade beat 'em up Final Fight. Like Hugo, he would go on to become a playable character opposite Final Fight alumni Guy and Cody in the Street Fighter Alpha series, much like former Mad Gear crony Sodom.

As we've previously learned, his infamous high-wire hanging "Take No Prisoners" move returns in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and is arguably the coolest of all of Rolento's Ultra moves.

Rolento might be the best balanced of the new characters. No one comes close to Hugo's power as a bruiser, and while he's not as agile as Poison or Elena, he can still dash around the screen with the best of 'em.

You can see the new footage of him below.

In addition to the four faces we know of, there's also a fifth fighter, and Ultra will mark the character's first appearance in the series. According to Capcom Senior Product manager Matt Dahlgren, "This character [has] never been featured in a Street Fighter game up until now." Ultra Street Fighter 4 "will be the first time he (or she) makes their fighting game debut." That would rule out a great number of Capcom's other characters who've appeared in countless cross over games, like X-Men Vs Capcom, Marvel Vs Capcom, etc. The character was at one time thought to be Retsu, by that's been ruled out by the most recent rumor, pegging the character as a female connected to the comic.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will release in two forms, with the player picking whichever they like:

1. As a $15 DLC upgrade - choose this route if you already have a copy of Street Fighter 4. With the price breakdown, it means you get each new character at $3 each.
2. As an all-new physical release, on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Besides the new characters, players will also get six new stages, all of which featured in Street Fighter X Tekken: Cosmic Elevator, Mad Gear Hideout, Jurassic Era Research Facility, Blast Furnace, and Pitstop 109.

Capcom announced that players could expect the game this Spring.

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