'Pokemon Sun and Moon': Patch 1.1, 2nd Global Mission, Pokemon Bank, National PokeDex Updates

By Mia P. , Updated Jan 24, 2017 11:50 PM EST

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" developers recently rolled out with a new patch on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It has been revealed that the patch would be able to fix glitches in-game that are said to affect the game flow of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players. Recent reports also claim that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has also tapped the senior gaming community.

Players Did Not Know About Second Global Mission?

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" recently capped another global mission that reportedly failed to succeed as gamers were allegedly unaware of the event. In the meantime, it has been revealed that the Patch Version 1.1 is 296 blocks to download. The patch further revives the Z-Memento and Z-Parting features on the Battle Spot in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" online, Nintendo Insider reported.

Hence, when Pokemon monsters use Z-Power while holding Darkinium Z, the Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento will also move. Note that Z-Parting Shot may lower the opponent's Attack and Special Attack in one stage while the Z-Memento reportedly lowers both. Moreover, the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" patch reportedly fixes a glitch where Pokemon like Kadabra and Confusion were not allowed to learn a move when evolving. Note that Battle Season 2 may now allow the National PokeDex for online use when the Pokemon Bank is updated.

72 Year Old Granny Fills Pokedex With 150 Monsters!

In other news, a 66-year old Pokemon reportedly reached level 24 without a chosen team. In addition, the 72-year old "Pokemon GO" player Connie Emmons is said to be one of the best "Pokemon GO" players. Reports claim that Emmons was able to fill her Pokedex with the 143 Pokemon in the US and the 7 new Baby Pokemon in a little over 6 months, Silver Times reported.

The "Pokemon GO" player reportedly missed Kangourex, Mr. Mime and Canarticho that are only available in specific regions. It is said that Emmon's son was the one who pushed her to become the best in "Pokemon GO". The "Pokemon GO" player reportedly walked to different historic places to fill her Pokedex.

Here is Connie Emmons on Fox News:


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