Xbox One Update Hasn't Fixed All the Console's Problems: Here Are the Issues That Still Remain [Video]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 08, 2014 07:06 PM EST

The folks at Outside Xbox have created a video listing six things the latest Xbox One firmware update did not fix and what the console still needs to improve on.

The March update, the first major post-launch upgrade for Microsoft's next-gen console, fixed some issues with the user interface and operating system. However, as the video explains, there are still issues with the console that need to be addressed.

It first outlines that Microsoft has generally been good about listening to the consumers-at least, since the console was unveiled. It initially included a bunch of features such as DRM that nobody supported, suffering a lot of backlash for their choices. To their credit, they did respond to much of the criticism and backtracked or changed features before the Xbox One was released.

You can manage your unit's storage, see your controller's battery life, and use more efficient party systems since the update, but left out a lot of features that seemed standard on the Xbox 360. For instance, your console doesn't currently tell you when XBL friends sign on.

In addition, there is no local media playback on the console, which is odd given Microsoft's push for the Xbox One to be the media center in your home. Other features highlighted in the video that they want to see implemented include global inversion and third-party storage options.

Outside Xbox's video below is entertaining and contains the full list of features they think need to be added to the console as soon as possible. No hardware is perfect, especially so close to launch, but some of these seem like pretty basic features you would have expected, some of which Microsoft has said it is adding soon.

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