Microsoft Made An Internal Testing On Xbox One’s New Project Scorpio, Launch Before Holiday 2017

By Lilibeth C , Updated Jan 25, 2017 11:51 PM EST

The amazing features about the one called Project Scorpio for Xbox One's specs have been leaked and are now soaring the internet. Project Scorpio has had powerful features that of the previous version and will be released before the holidays of 2017, yet Microsoft has already made its internal testing for an advance experience of the console.

According to Microsoft, Project Scorpio had one running unit with a 4K resolution for UHD television displays. Microsoft Gaming Boss Phil Spencer tweeted, confirming that excited gamers still have to wait months before having one, as per Venture Beat.

On his tweet, Spencer shared that this is the first time he had played with the console and that the team was very proud of the project. Though right now the Microsoft Engineers still has to make its finishing touches in order to reach the perfect specs as planned. The Engineers are using devkits for the said processing.

The project is also said to have a new look before the launch date. As VG247 also reported that it is composed of 32MB ESRAM for a super quick memory. This made the console perform faster and this memory is enough for the size and speed limitations.

Xbox One Project Scorpio also has 6 teraflop GPU which four times more powerful and four times L2 cache than of Xbox One. The target date for the release might be in November or December and Microsoft already expected a great number of sales on this date.

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