'Destiny 2' Plot Possibly Leaked By Mega Bloks Set Description

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 01, 2017 10:11 AM EST

Gamers scouring the Internet for any tidbit of information regarding "Destiny 2" are surely having a hard time. The most recent news about the space shooter only focused on some reportedly rejected concept art. There appears to be no information about the upcoming sequel's story or premise, but Mega Bloks just might have the answer. 

A recent posting included a description of a new set coming in the near future. The building blocks set is apparently based on Bungie's shooter RPG and possibly the sequel. Speculations claim that the product description could possibly reveal some key story elements, which are set to happen in the popular shooter's second installment, says Game Rant.

Reports indicate that the rumored information came from an Amazon post. The speculated "Destiny 2" Mega Bloks set was apparently labeled as the Cabal Brusier Battle Building Set. Its official description mentions that it is scene wherein a master swordsman clashes with a Bruiser. It goes on to describe the scene happening in the Tower hangar. Additionally, the highlight of the description mentions Lord Shaxx and the Raze-Lighter.

The description also mentions something about the Cabal Red Guard, which was never included in the first installment of the game. The Tower hangar is part of game's social hubs located on Earth. It is described as the last standing city and is defended by the Guardians. The toy set might have leaked a part of the sequel that showcases the enemy's assault on the tower.

One of the most important information form the Mega Bloks set description describes Lord Shaxx using the legendary sword Raze-Lighter to fight off the Cabal, says WWG. Regular "Destiny" players know that the described scene has never happened in the game. Most fans are expecting "Destiny 2" to highlight the Cabal's threat. However, Bungie continues to keep a tight lip about its upcoming sequel.

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