'Final Fantasy XIV' On Escape Room; Live Event Happening This Year

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 03, 2017 09:14 PM EST

Scrap and Real Escape Game in collaboration with the Square Enix's "Final Fantasy 14", will soon bring another live action entertainment featuring "Final Fantasy 14". The Scrap Entertainment's escape-the-room will take on Final Fantasy 14 later this year.

The multiplayer online game "Final Fantasy 14" will be experienced by the fans in real life action. The players will be given a chance to compete with the villains in the real world.

According to Polygon, the live event is called "Trials of Bahamut", which goal is to defeat the eponymous evil dragon "Bahamut" before the clock runs out. "Bahamut" is the evil dragon who believed to have perished a long time ago, but in a subterranean ruin, it is secretly being revived. The players will only have 60 minutes to prevent it from its awakening.

This can be done by means of exploring the area and solving puzzles involving six players to do the challenges live. The six players will save Eorza from impending doom, and become Warriors of Light. It's really up to the players working together as a team and solve the riddles and mysteries before the given time ends.

The recent live-action Legend of Zelda-themed "Defenders of the Triforce" game and "Trials of Bahamut" are having the same design studio courtesy of Square Enix and Scrap Entertainment's partnership, according to The Verge. The real-world action of "Final Fantasy 14" will get off sometime in the summer of this year and will be going on a tour in cities, but do not have the exact date and details yet.

The players can expect to see the game in cities including LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Chicago, and New York. Players will surely love the real-world adventure of "Trials of Bahamut" accompanied by the breathtaking cinematic release of "Final Fantasy" series.

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