‘Warcraft’; Director Still Doesn’t Know If There Will Be A Sequel

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:43 PM EST

As the director of "Warcraft", Duncan Jones is still thinking about making the movie a sequel. Duncan Jones says in his writing on Twitter that he would love to get to work on a sequel. But apparently, the production company Legendary Entertainment still holds the decision.

The 2016 "Warcraft" movie did well in China, despite its dissatisfactory rating at the US box office, according to Gamespot. The 2016 "Warcraft" movie earns more than $430 million worldwide, enough to make a sequel happen. Though "Warcraft" might end up being an overall money-loser, a sequel could possibly happen.

Back in January, some ideas meant for the sequel of "Warcraft" is shared by director Duncan Jones. Even though he has some ideas for a trilogy, but the chance of him making another "Warcraft" movie remains unclear.

While waiting for the confirmation of the "Warcraft's" sequel, there are some perceptions of Duncan Jones on what the movie's sequel story might conceal. One of those perceptions is a Doomplate for the character Ogrim. Another one is orcs in Azeroth learning about making armor in the new world.

According to NewsLocker, The incredible performance of "Warcraft" internationally leads the movie to become the most successful single-video game movie of all time. When the film had a record-breaking five-day debut of $156 million, "Warcraft" dethroned Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

When the "Warcraft" surpasses the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, the film became the highest-grossing single video game movie in the history. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the newest video game film opened in January is pushing the series past $1 billion.

Duncan Jones says that if there would be a possible "Warcraft" sequel, it would have seen Dalaran LAND in the Alterac mountains and magic proliferate as Kirin Tor try to be more open after the death of Llane. Jones' next movie comes to Netflix this year, the cool-sounding and a smaller-budget sci-fi film Mute.

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