NES Classic Edition: Speculations Claim Console Will Be Discontinued

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 15, 2017 03:58 AM EST

Nostalgic gamers reportedly got super excited when Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition game system. The retro console permitted players to experience their childhood memories all over again. The only caveat with the game console is apparently its short cables for the controllers and a small library of around 30 classic games. Some consumers were apparently not discouraged and even resorted to hacking the device to inject more games.

Given its successful sales performance, especially during the holiday season last year, consumers are reportedly taken by surprise about the speculations that the game system is scheduled to be phased out. A post from NEOGAF details a user who claims to be working for a retailer, which apparently got word from their Nordic distributor that the device "has reached its end of life and will be phased out."

Other reports seem to indicate the NES Classic Edition is only getting a few more shipments before its retail life expires. There are also other claims that some customers received emails from different retailers that their orders "might be cancelled." As of now, it remains uncertain if the recent speculations are also applicable across the globe. Other sources suspect it might be limited to some markets only.

The popularity of the retro gaming console was evident last year, when retailers could not even restock the system because of the demand. Consumers were reportedly checking both online and physical stores for a chance to grab the device, while others that were desperate enough resorting to resellers. If the rumors of the cancellation are true, it would most likely confuse consumers worldwide due to the ongoing demand for the device.

In other news, Gamenguide reported that hackers have found a way to install an emulator on the NES Classic Edition, which permitted users to run SEGA Genesis ROMS and more. The system's vulnerability to hacking could also be considered as one of its major selling points. It might also be one of the other reasons for its speculated cancellation by Nintendo.

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