'Mass Effect: Andromeda': Developer Discusses New Antagonists Called The Kett

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 15, 2017 03:59 AM EST

The Reapers were the main antagonists in the entire "Mass Effect" series with Commander Shepard at the helm, but "Mass Effect: Andromeda" takes different turn with its lore by introducing a new threat. This would obviously mean that the new game will establish a new reason for the crew to fight off the latest menace afflicting the universe. Previous reports have revealed that the new race players will be fighting against are called the Kett.

It seems like the newest installment of the sci-fi RPG series allows the development team to work on some of the elements, which were supposedly poorly handled in the first trilogy. According to Games Radar+, the game's creative director Mac Walters suggested that the new enemy will not be inherently evil like the Reapers. He said "clearly there are some bad apples, and you have to deal with them," which could mean possible interactions with them.

Among the Kett, players will face the main antagonist called the Archon and will included heavily in the game's lore, explains Walters. He also pointed out that "Mass Effect: Andromeda" players will reportedly note that the character is considered disruptive by his own people. He claims gamers will most likely enjoy the developer's decision to create a villain that might be reasoned with compared to the ones in the previous installments.

BioWare direction with the characters, story and villains seem to follow what they have been reportedly suggesting during some interviews. Moreover, it somehow supports their plan to make some of the side missions more substantial, according to Game Rant. The development team admitted that they got their inspiration from how "The Witcher 3" handled its side quests. If their plans are integrated successfully, it could possibly improve an already great RPG.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" appears to be a bold step towards a new direction for BioWare. Additionally, their decision to change the game's antagonists from the Reapers into the Kett might be for the better, according to some fans. Not to mention their removal of the Renegade and Paragon morality system that aims to hopefully get more players invested in the story itself. The game is scheduled to release on March 21, 2017 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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