'For Honor’ Guide: How To Parry And Combat To Win Battles

By Allan , Updated Feb 15, 2017 09:53 PM EST

To be the best warrior in "For Honor", players must learn the proper way to parry or combat in the game. There are different factions in the game and gamers must be familiar with it all so they can maximize their potential of winning the round. So this article will help players learn the best way to parry and combat for the win.

The first thing a player must learn according to PlayStation Universe in the game is to learn how to parry. To initiate it, fighters must lock their target in the same position like their opponent. And for a player to have the same stance, check the direction where the enemy's weapon is pointing and make sure the player is also facing in the same way.

As the enemy start to attack, players can also throw a hit by pressing the R2 or RT button, depending on the type of console used. It requires perfect timing to execute a good attack and players should be able to get it after some tries. When the attack is done correctly, the player can get a bonus boon that decreases the stamina of the enemy which gives a good opportunity for the player to do counter attacks.

Although there are other combat styles that gamers can do in the game, Gamerant reports parrying shouldn't be ignored. It's a great move to give the player easy opening for a powerful hit. And since "For Honor" gives better rewards to players with good defense rather than offense, parrying is a great move to learn good defense and unexpected counterattacks. This is also the easiest way for entry-level players to win their battles so it's a move worth learning to all kinds of players.

Learning how to parry and mastering its technique will not be easy for "For Honor" players. However, the skills, precision, and victory a player will get after taking the time to practice the move are all worth it.

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