'Overwatch': New Events, Event-Related Contents & Heroes Prioritized, According To Blizzard Entertainment

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 20, 2017 09:33 AM EST

Players are apparently aware of the upcoming end of the competitive play season three for "Overwatch." Blizzard Entertainment is expected to deliver some new tweaks, features, and content when they launch the competitive play's fourth season this February. As of now, the game's Public Test Region (PTR) has implemented some balance changes for several heroes, but it seems like the developers have more in store planned for its over 25 million registered users.

The developer has apparently responded to a question posted by a user on the official forums for the team-based shooter. The user was reportedly asking about the why the game is taking too long to release new sitting emotes for certain heroes. Game Rant notes that the game's director Jeff Kaplan replied to the user to explain their current development process. It seems that their team is working on a lot of stuff, but prioritization dictates what comes out first.

Kaplan officially confirmed that the "Overwatch" development team is hard at work on "numerous events and event-related content." He also added that "multiple new heroes" are being scheduled for future content updates. These are obviously the motives why Blizzard Entertainment has not updated new sitting emotes for some of the game's heroes. Therefore the developers make their decision based on "what would make the biggest impact for most people." Kaplan also hinted that their next big update would most likely showcase a new hero.

Based on the notion that the developers consider a new hero release as the content update that will matter a lot to its fans, players have expectedly started to speculate about Doomfist anew. However, after some fans reportedly pestered the developers regarding the upcoming 24th DLC character, they surprisingly revealed that "24 isn't who you think it is." PVP Live speculates that it might be a hero related to Doomfist instead of the hero himself.

Overwatch players have previously noted that the latest PTR included files that revealed an in-game model of the Numbani payload, but it appears that the container holding Doomfist's weapon was broken. Other clues apparently had something to do with the "Omnic Crisis" soundtrack playing in the background during the PTR. It appears players have to wait until the end of February to see what kind of surprise content Blizzard Entertainment has in store for its fans.

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