'Horizon Zero Dawn' Now Costs $59.99 At Gamestop; PAL Region Release On March 1, North America Is Feb. 28

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 28, 2017 09:14 AM EST

"Horizon Zero Dawn" fans may now opt to purchase physical copies of the game over at GameStop that started on Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. EST, three hours in advance of the previously announced time of 12 EST. "Horizon Zero Dawn" currently sells at $59.99 on the site. A number of games have also been released on the PlayStation 4 as well including Takahisa Taura's "Nier Automata" and Team Ninja's "NiOh."

PAL Regions Await "Horizon Zero Dawn" Game Release On March 1

Sony previously released "NiOh" as a PlayStation 4 exclusive which raked in rave reviews. Moreover, early impressions of the other PS4 releases including "Nier Automata" and "Horizon Zero Dawn" currently has a positive tone. Take note that while "Nier Automata" has already released in Japan on Feb. 23, western gamers may get the game on Mar. 7.

On the other hand, the "Horizon Zero Dawn" release on Feb. 28 was only in North America. Apparently, those in PAL regions may have to wait for the game release on Mar. 1. In the meantime, the "Horizon Zero Dawn" news senior producer Joel Eschler talked about why Guerilla Games took a completely new direction with the game. It is said that the developers felt confident in their skills and were ready to do something different, The Wolf Hall reported.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" Could Sell Millions Like "Uncharted 4"

In other news, the "Horizon Zero Dawn" publisher also unveiled three new trailers for the just-released PS4 exclusive. Two trailers focused more on the action RPG's open world and crafting system. Another trailer also featured PS4 Pro 4K gameplay.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is receiving a lot of praise from gamers, including a 9/10 score from Gamespot. Interestingly, Sony also noted that "Horizon Zero Dawn" may become a potential new franchise for the company, Gamespot reported. Moreover, a report from SuperData claims that "Horizon Zero Dawn" may sell 6 million copies by the end of the year and up to 8 million for its lifetime, similar to "Uncharted 4." Watch the new trailer below:


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