'Red Dead Redemption 2' Features, Gameplay, Maps & Prices: Online Mode, PC Conversion Coming Up

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 13, 2017 04:25 AM EDT

"Red Dead Redemption 2" an enormously popular open-world Western adventure game is back with a new promise. This time it is confirmed for release in the PS4 and Xbox One formats. However, there is a clamor to bring the game on PC, backed by more than 47,000 fan - signatories.

Regarding the gameplay, "Red Dead Redemption 2" offers great story with an amazingly great gameplay offering a different point of view, while drawing on the emotion. This was announced by the CEO of Take - Two, Strauss Zelnick about the recently released trailer of the game. One major revelation is the online mode for the game, although there are no details yet, as reported by PCAdvisor.

The setting of "Red Dead Redemption 2" depicts a large area of the Gear Plains, the home of Blackwater, which is the locale of the first game series. The difference is that the map has become larger, including the islands surrounding the mainland, a haven for adventure by either swimming or boating. The maps show the environments of the game.

Additionally, Gamesradar revealed that "Red Dead Redemption 2" will portray the outlaws having to paddle their way in the water as shown in the trailer. Meanwhile, GTA 5 also featured water as the main setting of the game. Hence, the game will be full of water settings, particularly the river-based missions.

 "Red Dead Redemption 2", which will have three playable characters instead of one only, the same as that of GTA 5 is now ready for pre-order. In retailers such as GameStop, Amazon and GAME, prices range from £45.99 to £59.97.

For continuing update of "Red Dead Redemption 2", it might be worth visiting Gamenguide from time to time. Watch gameplay here.

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