Windows Release Date, Latest News & Update: Kubernetes 1.5 Is Coming to Windows Server 2016 On December 15; Features Revealed

Windows Release Date, Latest News & Update: Kubernetes 1.5 Is Coming to Windows Server 2016 On December 15; Features Revealed

Kubernetes 1.5, the first version of windows with container support, is coming out on Windows Server 2016 on December 15, 2016.

by LJ Joseph

DOTA 2 Monkey King Cinematic Trailer Teaser

'Monkey King' Latest News & Update: Dota 2 Newest Hero; Powers Revealed

Sun Wukong the "Monkey King" is the newest hero added to the game "Dota 2".

by Jerome

Apple Holds Event To Announce New Products

Apple Removes Wrong ‘Time Remaining’ Battery Life Estimates From macOS; Issues 10.12.2 Sierra Update

After grappling with iPhone 6 battery problems, Apple issues 10.12.2 Sierra update to address battery level issues experienced by 2016 MacPro owners.

by Vittorio Hernandez

Windows 10 review

Microsoft Windows Glitches, Latest News & Update: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 PCs Dropping Wi-Fi Connections Randomly; No Fix So Far

Microsoft acknowledged that various Windows 10 users are having difficulty connecting to the internet.

by V Doctor

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered – December Update Trailer

‘Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered’ Latest News & Update: Female Fighters, More Maps, New Game Modes Added In Operation Arctic Wolf

"Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered" has received a new update featuring female combatants, seven maps, two modes, and fun new items.

by Jackie Villegas


'Overwatch' 2017 Latest News & Update: Blizzard Unveils New Hero Roster? 6 New Maps Released? [Details]

Blizzard announces new hero roster, new maps for "Overwatch" 2017?

by LA Zamora

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs, News & Update: Powerful Hybrid Device to Pack Either Snapdragon 835 or Kaby Lake Processors!

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is one of the most highly anticipated devices to be released next year. it is set to be a very promising piece of tech, packing the highest end specs in a premium build quality.

by Christian M.

Uncharted 4 - Survival Mode Trailer | PS4

'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End' Latest News & Update: New Survival Mode Update Brings New Gameplay Elements, Maps, Features; Sole Expansion Underway?

Fans of "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" would be delighted as the game is up for another update called Survival mode. The update will then improve the overall gameplay on co-op and solo campaigns. The exciting new update could then be downloaded when it goes live this week.

by Christian M.

Total War: Warhammer

‘Total War: Warhammer’ DLC Release Date, News & Update: Hotfix Beta Brings Minor Rebalancing To Some Wood Elves Units! More Details

Creative Assembly introduced a hotfix beta for minor rebalancing of some units introduced by the recent "Total War: Warhammer" Realm of the Wood Elves DLC.

by Mark Jason Alcala

Star Wars: Battlefront

‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Joins List Of Free Xbox One Games Via EA Access

The EA action shooter "Star Wars: Battlefront" is finally joining the list of free games for Xbox One via its entry into the EA Access "Vault."

by Mark Jason Alcala

Dota 2 Hero Spotlight - Monkey King

'Dota 2' Cheats,Tips & Tricks: How To Defeat The Great Monkey King; Weaknesses Revealed; How To Pick Right Heroes

The latest patch of 'Dota 2' included a new hero, the invincible Monkey King. There are tips on how players can defeat this character.

by Kenneth Bren Briones

Dota 2 - PATCH 7.00 - Biggest Changes!

‘Dota 2’ Patch 7.00 Release Date, News & Update: 5 Major Changes [We’re Sure] Players Missed

Dota 2 receives new patch 7.00 from Valve after crashing issues when the notes were supposed to go live. Full list of major changes coming with the game has been confirmed.

by Henry Abragan

Dead by Daylight: Of Flesh and Mud Teaser

‘Dead By Daylight’ Latest News & Update: ‘Of Flesh And Mud’ Patch 1.3.1 Features Hag, New Map, New Survivor!

Behaviour Interactive just released three new patch update for “Dead by Daylight.”

by M PEO

Funniest Glitches in Age of Empires 2

'Age of Empires II' News & Updates: Game Set Up Getting a New Expansion Featuring Southeast Asia

Even after seventeen years, ‘Age of Empires II’ is still getting new content. This new expansion, called ‘Rise of the Rajas,’ showcases the ancient empires of Southeast Asia.

by Sonny Go

GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS Goes to Bolivia — Interview with Ubisoft's Benoit Martinez

‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Release Date, News & Update: Massive Map, 11 Ecosystems, 21 Regions, 26 Bosses On 2017 For PS4, Xbox One, PC

"Ghost Recon: Wildlands" is confirmed to come with a new massive map when it releases on March 2017. The new map will feature 11 ecosystems, 21 regions and 26 bosses.

by Henry Abragan

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