Tom Clancy's The Division - Expansion II: Survival Launch Trailer | PS4

Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Developer Says a Battle Royale DLC Could Happen

Jan 18, 2017 08:45 PM EST

Its possible that "Tom Clancy's The Division" could have a Battle Royale DLC in the future based on the Ubisoft surveys.

Bungie Destiny 2 Launch Trailer EN

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ January 17 Weekly Reset

Jan 18, 2017 08:18 PM EST

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" weekly update is up and here is everything a player must know about the game.

Resident Evil 7 - Gameplay Demo Walkthrough Part 1 - Beginning Hour PS4 [1080p 60fps]

Resident Evil 7’ Complete Trophy List

Jan 18, 2017 08:03 PM EST

A guide for "Resident Evil 7" player how to get every trophy in the game has been revealed

Top 10 Metroid Games

President of Nintendo Teases A Metroid Game Already In Production

Jan 17, 2017 08:19 PM EST

Metroid could be releasing next year according to Nintendo President when asked for updates about the game.

Resident Evil 7 - Gameplay Demo Walkthrough Part 1 - Beginning Hour PS4 [1080p 60fps]

Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour’ Guide: How to Get The Dirty Coin

Jan 17, 2017 08:17 PM EST

A guide for "Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour" players to find the Dirty Coin. Includes a step by step instruction how to solve the puzzle and where to find exactly the Dirty Coin.

Gravity Rush 2 | E3 2016 trailer | PS4

Gravity Rush 2’ Guide: Where to Find Talismans

Jan 17, 2017 08:16 PM EST

"Gravity Rush 2" player guide where to find more Talismans to equip in the game.


Players Can Now Hunt For Pokemon In ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’

Jan 17, 2017 08:10 PM EST

Players of "ARK: Survival Evolved" can now hunt for 30 different Pokemon in the game.

Bungie Destiny 2 Launch Trailer EN

Destiny: Rise of Iron’ Guide: The Right Way to Use the High Caliber Rounds

Jan 16, 2017 07:13 PM EST

Find out the most compatible weapons to use with thFans can't wait to lay their hands on "Destiny 2" as the second installment of the first-person shooter video game will feature new Guardians, Subclasses and Vicarious Visions helping with the sequel's development.e High Caliber Rounds.

GTA Online Festive Surprise 2016 & Truffade Nero [All DLC Content]

GTA 5 Online' Guide: How to Buy and Sell Properties

Jan 09, 2017 05:01 AM EST

A step by step guide how to buy and sell properties in "GTA 5 Online"

Final Fantasy XV - TGS 2016 Trailer

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: Holiday Items Every Player Must Get

Dec 23, 2016 05:55 PM EST

The latest update of "Final Fantasy XV" bring many new items in the game and this guide will help players decide which is worth having.

How To Beat The Pitioss Dungeon- Final Fantasy XV

How a “Final Fantasy XV” Player Beat Pitioss Ruins Dungeon in Just 6 Minutes

Dec 20, 2016 05:50 PM EST

A player of "Final Fantasy XV" have discovered a way to finish the secret dungeon in just 6 minutes. Get all the details here.

Pokémon GO - Get Up and Go Trailer

Pokemon GO’ Has A New Update and Players Can Download It Now

Dec 20, 2016 05:49 PM EST

A new update has just been released by Niantic for "Pokemon GO" and it fixes many of the issues players are experiencing since the latest big update.

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Launch In April 2017 Exclusive Event

Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Come With an LG Battery

Dec 20, 2016 05:49 PM EST

It looks like Samsung Galaxy S8 will be getting an LG battery to prevent from Samsung Note 7 scandal from happening again.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

'Dragon Quest Builders' Gets Free DLC; USJ Creates 'Dragon Quest' Attraction

Dec 20, 2016 05:05 PM EST

"Dragon Quest Builders" gets a free DLC for everyone to download while USJ plans to create the world of Dragon Quest as a new attraction.

Official Peacekeeper Gameplay Trailer - For Honor

'For Honor’ Guide: How to Play Peacekeeper Class and Win the Game

Dec 20, 2016 08:09 AM EST

An in-depth guide how to use the Peacekeeper in “For Honor” and win the game.

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