GOG Is Practically Giving Away Some Of The Greatest D&D RPGs Of All Time: 'Neverwinter', 'Baldur's Gate' & More

GOG Is Practically Giving Away Some Of The Greatest D&D RPGs Of All Time: 'Neverwinter', 'Baldur's Gate' & More

As part of a new bundling promotion, GOG is bringing the thunder with a new Hasbro D&D collection that offers up many of the genre's greatest titles.

by Steve Buja

Glacier White PS4

New Glacier White PS4 Makes The Console Look Even More Like A Fridge

Destiny, Bungie's first new IP since 2001's Halo, released today, and with it comes the new Glacier White PlayStation 4 bundle.

by Connor Sears

Wii U

Planning On Getting A Nintendo System For The Holidays? They've Got You Covered With Three New Hardware Bundles

For those who are just now starting to think about hopping on board with one of Nintendo's current consoles (I get it. A new Smash Bros. will do that to a person.) Nintendo is shipping out three new hardware bundles, two for Wii U and one for the 2DS.

by Connor Sears

Destiny White PS4 Bundle

Pristine White PS4 Coming This Fall Alongside Destiny

Sony's up to bat to close out the first day of E3, and in case you weren't happy with Tyri...pardon me, Peter Dinklage narrating a bit of Bungie's Destiny, then maybe you'll find this interesting. In addition to announcing a PS4 exclusive beta, gamers will also have the option of a new PS4 bundle, featuring a shiny white PlayStation 4.

by Luke Caulfield


Sony Offering a MGS V: Ground Zeroes PlayStation 4 Bundle

Unfortunately, it looks like it's a Japanese exclusive for the time being...

by Luke Caulfield

Pokémon 2DS Bundle

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y 2DS Bundles North American Release Dated for December 6

No switching or swapping though, it's either the blue 2DS with Pokémon Y, or the red 2DS with Pokémon X

by Luke Caulfield

inFamous: Second Son PS4 Console Bundle

inFamous: Second Son PS4 Console Bundle Announced

Release date for the bundle should be revealed this week.

by Luke Caulfield

Sony PlayStation 4

Bad News for Anyone Who Ordered a PlayStation 4 Bundle from Target With a Game That's Since Been Delayed

"Thank you for your interest in video game consoles from Target. Unfortunately, some upcoming games have been delayed. As a result, we are canceling the video game console and bundled item(s) from your order #."

by Luke Caulfield

Watch Dogs

GameStop and Amazon Explain How the Watch Dogs Delay Will Affect Customers Pre-Order Bundles

Amazon is still figuring things out, but is promising customers the console sans the game. GameStop is offering the same, or customers can select a different bundle.

by Luke Caulfield

PlayStation Vita

Retailers deny PlayStation 4 / Vita bundle

Both GameStop, and UK retailers GAME and HMV have received no information from Sony

by Luke Caulfield

Twisted Bundle Collection

'Twisted Pixel Games Bundle' On Xbox Live Right Now For A Steal

'Splosion Man,' 'Ms. Splosion Man,' 'The Maw' and 'Comic Jumper' are now on sale. What are you waiting for?

by Trevor Ruben

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