Sexpo Australia 2016 Is Not Your Regular Cosplay Competition

Sexpo Australia 2016 Is Not Your Regular Cosplay Competition

Sexpo Australia gave away a AUD$2000 cash prize to the winner of their very first cosplay contest.

by V Doctor

Ibuki Cosplay

Check Out 8 Sexy Cosplay Costumes That Will Make You Want To Geek Out!

These lovely Cosplay ladies don't just look good, but also really capture their characters

by Donyae Coles

Dark Souls

The Best 'Dark Souls' & 'Bloodborne' Cosplay: The Most Impressive Tributes To From Software's Brutal Games

A cult of appreciation sprung up from around From Software's original title Demon's Souls, and it only continued with its successors, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, and with this week's Bloodborne. In addition to the legendary difficulty, the games' art style influenced a ton of cosplay designers who wished to bring a little of that darkness into the real world.

by Steve Buja

NYCC Cosplay

NYCC Cosplay: Interview With Wreck-It Ralph And Vanellope von Schweetz! Disney, Cons And Comics

The second day of NYCC 2014 was big, I mean, really, really big. We found a little break from the madness and interviewed a father/daughter cosplay team to get their thoughts on con life, comics and, of course, Disney!

by Steve Buja

NYCC Day 1

NYCC Day 1 Cosplay Highlights: A Taste Of The Excellent Art To Come

It's hard to not pay attention to the thousands of costumes attendees don while at Comic Con. Here are a few of the ones GameNGuide snapped while roaming the show floors.

by Steve Buja

NYCC 2013

NYCC 2014 News: 'NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay' Announced, Offers $10,000 In Cash And Prizes

Got your ticket for the New York Comic Con? Cosplayer? You better get your costume ready- as thousands of fans will turn in (and millions more will live stream online) for the first inaugural cosplay contest.

by Alex Riviello

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