‘NieR: Automata’ Guide: How To Level Up Fast

By Allan , Updated Mar 27, 2017 04:22 AM EDT

In “Nier: Automata”, levelling up a player’s character is very important. There are several ways how to do it but not many may know that there is a method to level up fast in the game. However, this XP farming method is only available when a player has reached a specific part in the game. So this guide provides a step by step instruction how to reach right part and what the player must do to farm XP.

How to XP Farm in “NieR: Automata”

Before starting any form of XP farming, players must remember to stop by at Emil’s shop first and by +3 XP Plug-In Chips. His shop can be located close to the entrance of Desert Zone in the City Ruins center. Equip the purchased items so that every experience acquired is multiplied according to Gameranx.

To start XP farming, players need to be in level 55 and have access in Playthrough #2 or the 9S story in the chapter select menu in the game. And the best time to do this method is when the player is almost done with the game and aiming to finish the secret bosses’ mission that’s in level 99. Upon accessing the Playthrough in the Amusement portion, players must hack the large robot wearing a hat located in the fountain. Choose the Remote Control option when hack is completed and clear all the enemies in the area.

Head to the golden robot in the middle of the fountain and hack it to earn a lot of XP then destroy it for additional experience points according to Segment Next. Then go to the save point, exit and reload the stage. Just do the same thing again with the golden robot for another XP bonus and it should increase the level of the player by 3 or more in each kill.

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