‘Nier: Automata’ Guide: How To Finish The YoRHa Betrayers Side Quest

By Allan , Updated Mar 14, 2017 09:30 AM EDT

One of the important quests a “Nier: Automata” player will go through in the game is the YoRHa Betrayers side quest. It rewards 400 EXP, 10,000 G and the Type-40 Lance which will be useful in the game. So this guide will go through every step a player must do to complete the quest.

How to Start the YoRHa Betrayers Side Quest

“Nier: Automata” players will receive the side quest by Operator 60. Primagames report It should come to the player’s inbox when they get to the flooded area of the City Ruins which will happen after defeating Goliath. After receiving the quest, players can go straight to the area to start the quest. YoRHa Betrayers is not found in every area so players need to go through each of it to find them.

How to Finish the YoRHa Betrayers Side Quest

As players head to the City Ruins, Gameskinny says they will encounter two YoRHa units which they need to fight until they retreat to escape the situation. From this point, there are players that report the YoRHa no longer appears but it could be because The Forest Kingdom quest is not yet done and the only way to fix it is to finish the quest.

After that, the androids should start appearing again on the map and all the players need to do is head to their location. This should be close to the entrance of City Ruins where a group of YoRHa units will be seen that players need to fight again. As soon as the betrayers are defeated, players should head back to talk to Anemone in the Resistance camp.

At this point, players will find out that the betrayers didn’t really steal anything and a brief call will happen to Operator 210 about the soldiers will happen. After the call, the quest is completed and the players can claim their rewards.

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