‘Paladins’ PS4 Closed Beta: Character Movements, Map Design Similar To ‘Overwatch’; Patch Notes Adds New Character

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 28, 2017 05:13 AM EDT

"Paladins" PS4 closed beta drew a number of comparison with Blizzard's "Overwatch" and even created issues. Overall, the game provided a fun yet unbalanced experience to the players.

"Paladins" PS4 Has Similar Class Types And Abilities Found In "Overwatch"

In "Paladins" PS4, a few similarities with Blizzard's shooter game have been noted, such as the small details like the way characters play and the map design. Although there are also speculations that some features in "Overwatch" may unlikely be original, reports suggest that "Paladins" walks a thin line to being a copy paste job sometimes.

"Paladins" PS4 does have some interesting characters, abilities and champions like Victor and Ruckus playing near shot for shot similarly to Soldier 76 and D.va. However, reports claim that being the same does not really mean negative, considering that "Paladins" does have a correct gameplay.

Although these obvious similarities in "Paladins" PS4 have worked previously like the huge list of free to play rip offs of well-known shooters and cheap moba clones, the game is believed to be fun to play. Furthermore, it is a game created by a team that knows what they are doing, given the abilities that work and the shooting mechanics that feel right, The Zombie Chimp reported.

New "Paladins" PS4 Patch Notes Reveal A New Character

"Paladins" PS4's latest patch adds a new character named Lex, who is known as the "Right Hand of Justice." According to reports, his main weapon is a dual set of Magnums that can bring 700 damage and can shoot .7 seconds. Meantime, the players' abilities include ability to hit the target with perfect aim to bring severe damage, ability to slide out of the way of the enemy fire and charge up the attack when the enemy's health is under 65.

In Paladins" PS4, Lex has a wide range of Cards that could be used in battle.  Ranging from enhancing his movement speed to securing him from enemy spells, reloading the magnum faster and decreasing cooldown among many others, MMO Examiner reported. Watch "Paladins" PS4 BETA here:


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