Official 'Destiny 2' Art Seems To Confirm Story Speculations

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 29, 2017 04:28 AM EDT

Bungie has officially announced "Destiny 2" together with an interesting single piece of art. For most gamers, the announcement is somewhat lacking with nothing else except the game's logo set with a background art of the Traveler. However, for diehard "Destiny" fans, the artwork seems to confirm several details about the game's story speculations. It has also reportedly excited some gamers who have embraced the fan theory about the sequel's story.

Sources report that the "Destiny 2" artwork seems to support the speculations that the Cabal have already invaded the Last City. These fan theories are apparently taken from a leaked Mega Bloks set product page information and clues from the game itself, claims Game Rant. Fans point out that the art shows the Last City in flames, probably from an ongoing invasion. The view seems to have been taken from the tower, based on the landscape shown.

While some players suspect that an unknown enemy has attacked the Last City, others continue to believe that the Cabal is responsible for the assault on the Earth's last safe haven. Meanwhile, some still believe that the main antagonists in "Destiny 2" will most likely be the militaristic force known as the Cabal. Fans have pointed out that one of the original game's missions from "The Taken King" hinted that a Cabal invasion is coming.

According to the story mission, Guardians were apparently tasked to locate and find out the source of an unknown transmission. Players later find out that the source was a crashed Cabal ship on the Dreadnaught. Additionally, the ship was revealed to have been broadcasting its distress signal to the head of the Cabal Empire. Fans believe that "Destiny 2" will showcase the alien force as they make their way to Earth to wage war with the Traveler.

Bungie's official announcement comes right after an accidental leak revealed some promotional materials for "Destiny 2". Gamenguide also reports that speculations of a PC version were further fueled by another accidental leak of a German GameStop pre-order. The game is expected to release sometime in September for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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