Reports Claim Nintendo Switch RAM Size Was Capcom Requested

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 28, 2017 08:06 AM EDT

The gaming community was reportedly taken by surprise when Capcom and Nintendo appeared together onstage during the "Game Creators Conference 2017" held in Japan. The two companies apparently held a joint conference regarding the Nintendo Switch. It was surprisingly revealed that the fighting game developer has played an important role during the development of the hybrid gaming system. According to the gaming firm, the Switch's RAM size could have been a whole lot smaller if not for Capcom.

Nintendo reports that it had consulted with several developers during the Nintendo Switch's development period. It appears the company was looking to get some feedback from a developer standpoint for its game system's components. Game Rant notes that it was Capcom who apparently suggested that they bump up the console's RAM to 4GB. It seems like the feedback was relevant as they implemented the recommended RAM size before the system launched.

According to some insider reports, Capcom supposedly requested that Nintendo upgrades the Nintendo Switch's RAM to 4GB to accommodate the developers RE Engine. It is the same game engine that powers "Resident Evil 7" on consoles. The developer obviously wanted the hybrid gaming console to have enough memory to handle the engine. Despite the adequate RAM on the Switch, gamers have yet to hear from Capcom if a port of their latest survival horror game will grace the new game system.

Several reports have noted that Capcom has encountered some challenges with the RE Engine on the Nintendo Switch. It seems that the engine has some issues with the console's dynamic docked and portable performance states. On paper, the gaming system has adequate specifications to run Capcom's game engine. However, the developer has only one game scheduled to come out for the Switch, which is "Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers".

Even though Capcom is credited to have encouraged Nintendo to adapt a higher RAM for the Nintendo Switch, several sources still speculate that "Resident Evil 7" will not be ported to the console. Techno Buffalo claims that Capcom producer Masachika Kawata has confirmed that the game is not being developed for the Nintendo's new game system.

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