'Destiny 2' For PC Reportedly Confirmed By GameStop Pre-Orders

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 27, 2017 04:19 AM EDT

"Destiny" fans received some surprising news about "Destiny 2" earlier this week when promotional posters for the sequel were reportedly leaked online. Reports have indicated that the leak came from a GameStop in Italy and was initially suspected to be a hoax. However, several sources have confirmed its authenticity, which generated, even more excitement from fans of the sci-fi shooter from Bungie. Moreover, fresh news claims that PC versions of the game are available for pre-order now.

Reports have noted that "Destiny 2" for PC is available for pre-orders in GameStop stores in Germany. Game Rant points out that a Twitch mod and Twitter user called SenSnowy shared a photo of his pre-order slip for a limited edition version of the shooter for the PC. The receipt apparently shows that the pre-order was placed in a Hannover branch of the video game retailer. He also claims that the slip indicates a Sept. 17, 2017 release date for the shooter.

SenSnowy explains that the release date printed on the pre-order slip is just a placeholder, according to the GameStop employee. Additionally, his "Destiny 2" Limited Edition PC version reportedly amounts to $119. The user also reveals that the bottom portion of the receipt lists "FIFA 18", "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "Tekken 7" as the other games available for pre-order. Users should understand that the developers and the retailer have not officially confirmed anything about the highly-anticipated sequel.

Meanwhile, gamers pointed out that the postal code and telephone number on the "Destiny 2" pre-order slip matches the GameStop branch in Hannover, Germany. Other reports have also revealed that pre-orders for the sequel to Bungie's sci-fi shooter were not only limited to physical stores. It seems that the pre-orders were made available on GameStop.De at one point, but it was reportedly taken down. Gamers speculate that an official announcement for the sequel might be due anytime now.

After some reports that claimed "Destiny 2" won't get a PC version, the recent GameStop pre-order leak suggests otherwise. Gaming Bolt reports that the original game was limited to consoles only, which left PC users asking Bungie to include a PC version for the sequel. It appears the developer has finally welcomed PC gamers to the "Destiny" world. A PC version was already expected by fans, even before the GameStop pre-order leak. After all, the developers confirmed that there will be no carryover from the original to the sequel, except maybe a few subtle elements.

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