‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ 5th Global Mission Update: Players Need To Hatch 200,000 Eggs

By Allan , Updated Mar 31, 2017 07:09 PM EDT

The fifth global mission of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has finally started and this time it is called the “Hatch a Lot of Eggs”. In this event, all the players of the game are encouraged to hatch as many eggs as possible to reach the 200,000 requirements. Every player who contributes to the mission will receive rewards when the goal is reached. Players who are Pokemon Global Link members as well will receive more rewards when they participate in the mission.

For players who wants to participate, Gamerant reports all that needs to be done is to go to the Festival Plaza and talk to the receptionist. She accepts registration for the global mission so all the eggs that the player hatch within the time frame is counted in the mission. Afterward players of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will have to go to Paniola Ranch to find new eggs to discover.

Paniola Ranch is where players can get new eggs by just leaving a female and a male Pokemon of the same egg group to the Pokemon Breeder. Another option is to leave one Pokemon with a Ditto to get new eggs. He is located just outside the Pokemon Nursery in Akala Island. And when players acquire an egg, they just need to continuously walk until the egg hatches. Using a Flame Body or a Magma Armor Ability will make the hatching process faster.

When all the participants reach the target mission of 200,000 hatched eggs, Segment Next reports “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will reward players with 4,000 Festival Coins and 2,000 Festival Coins for the trainers that didn’t register for the event. However, if the goal is not reached, participants can only get 400 Festival Coins and 200 Festival Coins for non-participants. In addition, players who were able to hatch at least three eggs will receive five rare candies whether the goal is reached or not.

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