‘Star Citizen’ Bids Farewell To Loading Screens, Thanks To 2.6.2 Update

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 10, 2017 06:48 AM EDT

"Star Citizen 2.6.2" patch has recently been released by Cloud Imperium along with the patch notes. It has been revealed that the update will feature the Mega Map for Multiplayer Arena Commander and Star Marine as well as new implementations to the ongoing network code updates. In addition, the patch will also add the new Drake Buccaneer.

Crashes Post-Patch May Be Avoidable

The "Star Citizen 2.6.2" developers recommend gamers to delete the USER folder for Live client after uploading the patch. Note that gamers may encounter odd character graphical issues or crash on loading if the USER folder is not deleted. Moreover, the "Star Citizen 2.6.2" also adds support for wide screen resolutions of 21:9.

In addition, "Star Citizen 2.6.2" also added a +25 Headshot bonus reward to gamers for killing players with a projectile shot to the head. The patch also re-enables TrackIR and fixes numerous client and server crash issues, DSO Gaming reported. Note that the patch also temporarily disabled the ability to melee or prone in Star Marine.

The "Star Citizen 2.6.2" patch also changed the required number of players in the Last Stand to six players instead of eight to start. The update also fixed an issue that prevents players from getting into the Million Mile High Club. The patch also added the Pirate Swarm game mode to the Leaderboard.

Cloud Imperium Team Details New Mega Map Feature

In other news, the "Star Citizen 2.6.2" developers have also detailed the Star Citizen Mega Map. Cloud Imperium Games Vice President of Marketing Sandi Gardiner and Supervisor Forrest Stephan explained more about the Mega Map during their Around the Verse YouTube series. Stephan noted that the purpose of the feature is to eliminate loading screens, Video Games Republic reported.

"Star Citizen 2.6.2" newly added feature basically streamlines the object containers and loads both in and out of areas from different game modes. Gardiner also added that the goal of the feature is to allow gamers to travel through the universe without interruption. The Lead Gameplay Designer Rob Johnson also noted that instead of using the Level Map Full Load, the team decided to use object containers with the Mega Map. Check out more about the patch in the video below:


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