PS4 Exclusives: Japan Releases ‘Earth Defense Force 5’ With New Vehicle Abilities In Summer; ‘Destiny 2’ Exclusivity Disappointing

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 10, 2017 05:08 AM EDT

PS4 Exclusive "Earth Defense Force 5" comes with a new set of screenshots. The official website of the forthcoming sci-fi game has just been updated by D3Publisher.

PS4 Exclusive Update On Airstrike And Vehicle Shows Off Abilities

In "Earth Defense Force 5," a PS4 Exclusive, airstrike soldiers called "Air Raiders" will be featured. According to reports, this will show off the ability to call in airstrikes on the enemy as players fight with the infantry and artillery on the frontline by using heavy weapons. Moreover, vehicle drops can also be requested from air transports.

PS4 Exclusive update also allows a request on airstrike done by tactical bombers that let an Air Raider choose an entry point and head to the vector of the bombers that will perform the attack with accuracy on the chosen target. Reports also suggest that by the use of a homing beacon, the request for an airdrop of a self-propelled artillery tank will be allowed from a DE 202 transport circling in the sky.

In addition, the air raiders may use sticky bombs that can get attached to the enemy and explode once the detonator is activated. These also come with self-propelled robot bombs that approach directly and attack the targets. Meantime, the PS4 Exclusive "Earth Defense Force 5" releases in Japan this summer, DualShockers reported.

PS4 Exclusive Content For "Destiny 2" Would Be Disappointing

PS4 Exclusive list of games includes "Destiny 2," which means the game's content will only be exclusive to the console. However, this news is expected to disappoint a lot of gamers given that Sony's gaming console will again have the edge over Bungie's new sequel, which was revealed in the PlayStation version of Cayde-6 teaser trailer.

That said, access to Strikes and gear will only be available for PS4 players and not for the PC and Xbox One gamers until a later date. This also means that some content would be restricted from the entire player base since those PS4 Exclusive Strikes are not Nightfall Strikes, and vendors such as Xur does not sell PS4 exclusive items, Forbes reported. Check out "Earth Defense Force 5" for PS4 - Actual Game Footage here:


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