Nintendo Switch Games: ‘Lego City Undercover’ Needs 7.1 GB; Nintendo Confirms There Are Big Plans For E3 2017

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 06, 2017 06:59 AM EDT

Lego fans who are looking forward to the "Lego City Undercover" of Nintendo Switch now has an idea about the space it will consume.  The game requires 7.1 GB of free space from the internal storage space of the hybrid gaming system.

The information was recently discovered by device owners scrolling the eShop that is exclusive to the device and is not accessible by any other means.  There are gamers who are carefully planning the titles they might purchase in the near future since the device only offers a limited amount of storage space.  It only comes with 32GB space and a big portion of it is already occupied by the operating system, according to Game Idealist.

Game publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is now pre-selling the physical copy of "Lego City Undercover."  This is an option for Nintendo Switch owners who want to reserve the device's internal storage space to a more preferred game.  Game cartridges can be used instead.    

As per another report, a slight confusion arose after the game fans noticed the packaging for the cartridge that says up to 13 GB of space is needed in order to play the game.  To clear things up, the publisher issued a statement that the packaging contains the wrong information.  The storage space will be needed for future game updates only and the retail version will be playable from the get go.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has big plans for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 (E3) that is supposed to contrast their participation during the past two years.  This was announced by Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, as reported by Press-Start.

Fils-Aime said that fans will have fun this time around since the company has something big to offer them.  He also added, "E3 is always a big time for Nintendo. We look at each E3 as a unique opportunity to tell our story and we're gonna have a big E3. We're going to be showcasing an aviary of games".

In 2016, the company only showed the "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" while the community was longing for their Nintendo Switch.  The year before was even worse. Watch the "Lego City Undercover Vehicles" trailer that will soon arrive for the PlayStation 4 here:


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