‘World of Warcraft’ Update: Patch 7.2 Makes Mobs Scaling With iLevel; Game World Made Tougher

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 11, 2017 05:27 AM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment has recently rolled out  "World of Warcraft" patch 7.2 and players have now experienced one of its features, a restructured iLevel scaling.  Outdoor mobs on the Broken Isles now tougher than they used to be.

The first few hours after the "World of Warcraft" patch took effect, gamers thought that they have discovered a new bug.  However, the studio has confirmed that the new gameplay experience is a deliberate one, and is intended to make the game challenging again. The studio does not want players to spend their time looting in the field instead of having an adventure.  Typically, players will feel the power of their characters starting at level 110 and be defeating a monster will only take a few short minutes, but not anymore, Geek Reply reports.

The "World of Warcraft" patch 7.2 makes the game world tougher.  If a player's power increases by 5 percent, their opponents get tougher by 1 to 2 percent.  Non-players may very well see it as a small number, but for the gamers, a battle with the monsters may take up to an hour.  Gamers are now concerned that the latest update has taken the fun out of the subscription-based game.

"World of Warcraft" players were also disappointed with the studio for keeping them in the dark about the added feature.  However, Blizzard was quick to respond and immediately offered an apology for the miscommunication.  The company also said the things happening now is not what they have expected and have acknowledged that the scaling is a bit steep.

Ion Hazzikostas the game director stated in an official post that the "unequipping a piece of gear" in order to lessen the scaling is actually a bug.  The development team will take a look at it immediately to make the necessary corrections.  

Hazzikostas also added, "Your feedback and reactions and first impressions of the system are more useful in this particular case when they are not skewed by the experience of logging in and actively trying to spot the differences," reported PVP Live. The "World of Warcraft" patch 7.2 also brings in a new raid event, "The Tomb of Sargeras".  Learn how to survive by watching the video here:


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