‘Pokemon GO’ Gameplay; Niantic Changed Players Lives For The Better; Gameplay Still Thriving, Beating 'Minecraft'

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 13, 2017 07:08 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" trainers have been reported to be making an impact in their communities in a positive way. It is on this note that Niantic has decided to transform a suicide spot in Japan for the better with "Pokemon GO." Moreover, while the "Pokemon GO" craze may have died down, an average of 65 million monthly active users have been recorded.

Niantic Succeeds In Encouraging People To Go Out Into The World

Hundreds of inspiring stories have surfaced online noting how "Pokemon GO" has helped change lives for the better. Last summer, reports reveal that "Pokemon GO" players helped their communities, picked up trash, made new friends and brought new life into public areas. Now Niantic is turning a famous suicide spot in Fukui Prefecture, Japan into a community gathering space instead of a place of sorrow and loneliness.

It should be noted that the Tojinbo in Japan combines rocky cliffs with a view of the Sea of Japan. Apparently, the location has been notorious for years as a suicide hotspot. In fact, local police officer, Yukio Shige revealed that the local police have struggled to drop the number of suicide victims in the said location in the past few years. However, this year, the place has seen zero deaths in the first three months, and one of the reasons is believed to be because of "Pokemon GO" trainers, Viridian Forest reported.

"Pokemon GO" Beats "Minecraft" In Monthly Active Users

In other news, since launching in July 2016, "Pokemon GO" has become a social phenomenon. While reports claim that the fad has died down, the CEO of Niantic, John Hanke appeared at the London Games Festival and revealed that "Pokemon GO" is still healthy and thriving. It has further been noted that the game still boasts 65 million monthly active users, Business Insider reported.

"Pokemon GO" monthly active players now exceed the 55 million monthly players recently claimed by "Minecraft." However, note that "Pokemon GO" is a free download while "Minecraft" comes with a $6.99 and $26.95 price tag. Previously, Niantic introduced 80 new Pokemon in the game to draw lapsed players back in. Take a look at the new Pokemon below:


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