Project Scorpio Performance: Native 4K, Advanced Cooling System, Minimal Power Consumption Greatest Assets

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 11, 2017 05:24 AM EDT

Project Scorpio is set on becoming the most powerful console yet leaving behind the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro when it comes to 4K gaming and overall improvements for console gaming. With the hardware specs recently unveiled, the platform is expected to offer a variety of exclusives. Furthermore, Microsoft is expected to reveal a few exclusives at the E3 2017.

Project Scorpio Is Set To Turn Things Around With The Competition

The team behind Project Scorpio opted to do the hardware reveal in an exclusive interview with Digital Foundry's Tom and Rich. A video was later released tackling the important question of the Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro, MWeb reported.  It should be noted that the PlayStation 4 had a clear advantage over the Xbox One with major titles hitting 1080p on the PS4 and 900p on the Xbox One.

Microsoft is set on turning the tables with Project Scorpio by doing something unprecedented in gaming, reversing how they engineered the console. Microsoft opted to look at the code first and analyzed what tech would be needed to run the code at native 4K as opposed to the checkerboard 4K on the PS4 Pro. So far, "Forza 6" is the only game that has been tested on Project Scorpio and it has been noted that the improvements are remarkable and staggering.

Project Scorpio Boasts Advanced Cooling System And Minimal Power Consumption

Meanwhile, Microsoft unveiled the breakdown of the hardware of the upcoming Project Scorpio that is set to boast 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power and 4K gaming. Project Scorpio will also come packed with 326 GB/s of Memory Bandwidth with an advanced, custom silicon. Moreover, the console's Vapor Chamber also uses advanced liquid cooling which is a first for home consoles, Express UK reported.

Project Scorpio also comes equipped with a supercharger-style Centrifugal Fan that compresses air to deliver maximum cooling with minimum noise. For maximized performance and minimal power consumption, the Project Scorpio also incorporated the Hovis Method that custom tunes each console's voltage. Project Scorpio will also include a 2.3GHz Custom CPU with 1TB HDD Storage and 12GB GDDR5 Memory.


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