‘Mafia 3’ Latest News: DLC, Free Demo, Price & Gameplay Updates; Cheapest Deal At Amazon

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 11, 2017 06:46 AM EDT

"Mafia 3" just added a new DLC that features a different approach to the high-speeded game. Fans are set on discovering the city of New Bordeaux in "Faster, Baby!" as the protagonist meets up with an old friend from the main campaign. Newcomers to "Mafia 3" may also check out the details on gameplay, price, hardware requirements and the free demo from Hangar 13.

Lincoln And Roxie Take On The Streets of Sinclair Parish In A Wild Chase

"Mafia 3: Faster, Baby!" is an addition to the larger map set in the 60s era and focuses on the rural township of the Sinclair Parish on the southwest fringes of New Bordeaux. Hangar 13 opted for a different approach with this DLC which is the first of three DLCs coming to the game. "Faster, Baby!" focuses on high-speed chases through vast fields and settlements located across the parish but shifts as soon as it hits its climax.

The "Mafia 3" protagonist will be working with Charles Laveau in "Faster, Baby!' to take down sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont who murdered a civil rights activist. Lincoln pairs with Charles' daughter, Roxie and a hippie friend MJ, who grows weed in his spare time. "Faster, Baby!" opens up with hilarious quips and a general banter among the trio.

When it comes to mission design, "Faster, Baby!" is essentially the Mafia version of Twisted Metal focusing on multiple chase sequences and destructive joyrides across Sinclair Parish, Cog Connected reported. Dozens of squad cars chase the pair across the township with constant sirens, explosions and log traps smashing into police vehicles for an audio-visual treat.

Free Demo For Only 25GB

Meanwhile, those who opt to get a copy of "Mafia 3" should note that the game comes with a £24.99 price tag on PS4 and Xbox One and £19.99 on PC. However, Amazon UK listed the game for just £15.33, PC Advisor reported. In addition, a Deluxe Edition with a DLC season pass is available for £29.99 and the Collector's Edition costs only £49.99 with a host of physical goodies.

The "Mafia 3" developers also rolled out a free demo of the game on every platform with at least 25GB to try the game. "Mafia 3" includes missions like wiretapping targeted aries, which allows the player to see enemies through walls.

"Mafia 3" Players may also upgrade their cars and do sneaky things like getting rivals phone lines cut off so they could not call reinforcements. Furthermore, the open world is also a key feature with big improvements in comparison to the previous installment.


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