Leaked 'Overwatch' 'Insurrection' Event Trailer Reveals New Skins

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 13, 2017 07:15 AM EDT

A Leaked trailer for the upcoming "Overwatch" event has been reportedly leaked ahead of schedule. The new in-game event is entitled "Insurrection" and will apparently feature a PVE event that was previously rumored by several sources. The new trailer does not only reveal the new game mode but it also showcases some new skins for several heroes as detailed by speculations.

Some of the original members of the "Overwatch" team will get new skins that reflect their former selves prior to the Omnic war. Genji, Mcree, Tracer, Mercy, Bastion, Reinhardt, Widowmaker and Torbjorn appear to be getting all new skins for the "Insurrection" event, reports Game Rant. Gamers also noted that the new skins for Genji, Widowmaker and Mcree reflect their days with the Blackwatch covert ops team. The team was headed by Gabriel Reyes, who is now known as Reaper.

On the other hand, the "Insurrection" event will also give Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt and Torbjorn new skins that reflect their "Overwatch" team uniforms, which is mainly colored blue. Unlike the regular team, Blackwatch team members reportedly engage in secret missions that must be kept from the public, while the regular team handles more publicized events such as the Omnic uprising that has been reported in King's Row.

Based on the leaked trailer, it appears that the new skins for Widowmaker, Genji and Mcree might cost more compared to the skins of the regular "Overwatch" team members. The "Insurrection" update will also give Bastion a new skin that looks similar to the enemy omnics found in the game's PVE mode. The new skin is reported to be an epic-level skin so players should expect it to be priced high.

A recent report from Gamenguide has detailed that the new "Insurrection" update features a spray that showcases a sad point in Widowmakers past. Additionally, prior to the official release of the new "Overwatch" event, several sources have already speculated that new skins will be included in the update. However, most of the new skins are reportedly expensive that what fans have hoped for.

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