‘Overwatch Uprising’ Update: Storyline Takes Place 7 Years Back Before Null Sector; No Single Point Fights

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 17, 2017 08:47 PM EDT

"Overwatch Uprising" is the latest seasonal event to be introduced from Blizzard and will run from April 11 until May 1. The event comes with new skins and balance changes along with a four player PvE brawl. In the meantime, the unintended issues caused by the update have now been fixed.

PvE Event Goes Back To King's Row

"Overwatch Uprising" is expected to go back in time 7 years before where the "Overwatch" strike team was previously sent to take over the King's Row from insurgents called the Null Sector. The PvE brawl in "Overwatch Uprising" follows the path of the Halloween Terror event Junkenstein's Revenge, Droid Report reported. It requires teams to be set-up in groups of four players in a fight against the AI-backed enemies on King's Row street.

In "Overwatch Uprising," gamers are required to fight through the entire King's Row map and there are no single point fights this time. As the game begins, players need to disable cannons that omnics set across town. The next undertaking involves moving the payload. Take note that knowledge of roles is crucial to survive in the game and help with teammates.

"Overwatch Uprising" includes four different modes including Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary. Note that in "Overwatch Uprising," both the player and his teammates need to stay in the game to survive. The event also includes a teammate revive system where a gamer stands in front of the fallen friends, hold a key for a few seconds and see the fallen player rise back in the game.

Disabled Features Are Back

In other news, "Overwatch Uprising" previously had notable issues that broke a few things, prompting Blizzard to disable several modes. Now, it has been confirmed that 3v3 elimination, 6v6 capture the flag, custom boards and leaderboards previously disabled are now back online on all platforms, VG247 reported. Note that the issue affected all three versions including PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The "Overwatch Uprising" developers revealed that the team does not have an ETA for when technical issues will be resolved or features re-enabled. During this time, players were expected to rank up several times to earn a few loot boxes and new skins. On the other hand, the issue was quickly resolved and is now fixed on all three platforms.


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