‘Dark Rose Valkyrie’ PS4: Battle Systems, Customizable Weapons, Attack Combos Coming To Digital, Physical Formats Heading West Release

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 17, 2017 08:58 PM EDT

"Dark Rose Valkyrie" is set to release in the west in both digital and physical format. The game was originally released in Japan as "Black Rose Valkyrie." "Dark Rose Valkyrie" is set in the year 1929 and featured a massive outbreak that transformed normal human beings into inhuman creatures known as the Chimera.

"Dark Rose Valkyrie" gamers are thrown into a virus-infected area carried over by the meteorite Black Garnet which crashed on earth a long time ago, Level Down Games reported.  The Chimera Virus has already wiped out 3 percent of the entire world's population. Japan closed itself from the rest of the world to be saved from the pandemic, being converted into a military agency called the Anti-Chimera Interception Division (ACID) which aims to combat the remaining Chimera in the country. ACID is later established as a special unit called the Special Force Valkyrie.

Customizable Weapons and Traitor System Featured In Upcoming JRPG

Meanwhile, "Dark Rose Valkyrie" gamers will be placed in charge of an elite unit in ACID, that is the Special Force Valkyrie. Gamers will be tasked to handle the brunt of work while the other military force drinks Four Loko or something, Hardcore Gamer reported. There will be several battle system in place which includes an Overdrive transformation for additional attack power.

"Dark Rose Valkyrie" players will also be armed with customizable weapons and attack combos. In addition, Idea Factory revealed the traitor system where gamers can spot traitors in visual-novel style interrogation sequences to alter the game's ending. This is said to be comparable to Atlus' "Lost dimension" for PS Vita where gamers had to be wary of traitors and enemies at the same time.


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