'Pokemon GO' News: Easter Event, Overhauled Gym System & Rusty Cage Hack Rolled Out!

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 21, 2017 12:15 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" Easter event is live with news that easter eggs are already on their way to the Pokestops. In addition, a Niantic representative has announced that an all-new cooperative social gameplay experience will be coming to the game this spring. Cooperative raids are also set to be included in the game soon.

Most "Pokemon GO" fans were already visualizing the possibilities of an Easter event, even before it happened. According to reports before it went live, fans were positive that it will be the game's biggest event yet. While there were no official announcements from Niantic Labs in the prior weeks, the event was like a give-away as the company is known for rolling out news on the day of the event itself,  Express reported. 

Being that the gameplay features of "Pokemon GO" involve eggs, much can be done in the Easter event. It is expected that Niantic would trim down the time needed to hatch an egg or that more eggs will be launched at Pokestops with the event. Furthermore, egg-themed creatures are also rumored to be available during the Easter holiday which may include Exeggcute, Chansey, Blissey and Togepi.

Niantic also released a teaser for its upcoming update in "Pokemon GO." Rumor has it that the current gym system of the game will be overhauled. Furthermore, note that for players to locate new monsters in the app and hatch incubating eggs, it is necessary to physically walk around in several places. However, "Pokemon GO" players may skip through all the hard work with Rusty Cage's hack.

New "Pokemon GO" Update Coming This Spring.

In other news, a blog post on the "Pokemon GO" website has revealed that new cooperative social gameplay experiences will start to roll out in the game this spring, BGR reported. Moreover, the code appeared in the game noting that the raids from "Ingress" will arrive in the app in the next few months. This feature will allow multiple players to defend or attack gyms cooperatively.

The "Pokemon GO" update is expected to draw old players back into the game. Currently, the game boasts over 65 million players playing the app each month. It is expected that the upcoming update will arrive before the end of June.

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