‘Dragon Quest XI’ Gameplay: Uncommon King Of Delcadar, A Master Swordsman; PS4, 3DS On July 29 In Japan

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 24, 2017 08:22 AM EDT

"Dragon Quest XI" developers recently updated the official website of the game with new artwork and a couple of screenshots of the forthcoming JRPG. It is expected that the eleventh installment in the series will be making its way on PS4 and 3DS in Japan on July 29. Square Enix also unveiled more details behind the first key villains in the JRPG.

Details of Kingdom of Delcadar Revealed

"Dragon Quest XI" fans get to see the Kingdom of Delcadar, which is set to be the first destination of the protagonist's journey. The wise ruler of Delcadar is a powerful fighter and actually knows more about the protagonist than the hero is aware of. He is taken as a rare ruler because of the qualities he possesses and is also known for being benevolent but may be very stern when he is disturbed, Dual Shockers reported.

Square Enix also revealed more about the men in charge of the Kingdom of Delcadar. One of the featured villains in "Dragon Quest XI" was the general of Delcadar who is superior to all else in bravery and feats of arms. Greig has squared off hundreds of demons and remains undefeated. His loyalty for Delcadar is strong and would put his life on the line for the sake of his lord.

Skills of Swordsmanship In Delcadar

Meanwhile, Square Enix revealed that the King of Delcadar is actually a master swordsman, giving him the name "Uncommon King." Screenshots reveal the king's abilities in swordsmanship against a monster in "Dragon Quest XI." The king is backed up by his brave one-man-army general unparalleled in the kingdom for his swordsmanship.

"Dragon Quest XI" fans should note that Greig is actually a very popular character in the game. Apparently, there is a town somewhere in the game with a big statue of Greig. It is expected that the citizens of Delcadar honor their great general for his loyalty towards their king. Watch the last characters revealed in the video below:

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