‘The Witcher 3’ & ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’, The Same In Many Ways; ‘TW3’ Look For Mobile Developers

By Ben Lindon , Updated May 02, 2017 01:25 PM EDT

"The Witcher 3" has become the yardstick in measuring other open world RPGs that directly compete with it. The RPG balances the central storyline with a couple of sidequests as well as characters and subplots that weave in and out of the story and sidequests. "The Witcher 3" developers also reuse locations while adding significance to them.

How "The Witcher 3" Is Just Like "Mass Effect: Andromeda"

"The Witcher 3" is also taken as a convenient stick to beat the competition, PC Gamer reported. It is useful for whacking games created in various circumstances and lineages with varying aims. However, "The Witcher 3" may just have a few things in common with "Mass Effect: Andromeda."

Both RPGs are involved in a learning period early on when players are required to decipher which icons on maps point to things that will be worth finding as well as where distractions would be. "The Witcher 3" also features a quest design comparable with "Mass Effect: Andromeda" in the way that both lead you from one scene to the next, allowing gamers to examine the environment while keeping updates with logs written in-character by NPCs. Both games also feature dialogue scenes where gamers may take on the role of the protagonist.

"Gwent" May Be Porting On Mobiles Soon

In other news, "The Witcher 3" developers are currently looking for new mobile developers. The job posting reveals that the right person should have experience in mobile gaming development particularly iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android, Pocket Gamer reported. In addition, the studio has noted that applicants need to have at least three years experience with C# and Unity.

"The Witcher 3" developers also posted a job listing for a UX or UI artist. The same listing also calls for experience in mobile. Rumor has it that the job vacancies hint at a mobile port of the card game "Gwent." Take note that the listings have been tagged with "Gwent."


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