Nintendo Switch Amazon: A Discounted Price Is The Most Obvious Scamming Scheme

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 21, 2017 12:16 AM EDT

The Nintendo Switch has received high acclaim due to the features of the hybrid console. It is for that same recognition that scammers have begun selling fake Nintendo Switch consoles on Amazon. In the meantime, Nintendo just announced a new color scheme for the Joy-Con controllers.

Increase In Demand and Shortage of Supply Increased Scammers

The shortage of supply of Nintendo Switch consoles in the market is believed to be one of the reasons why fake consoles have risen in the market. Moreover, bloated prices for available Nintendo Switch units have also shown up on online retail stores. Note that it is common to see markups from sellers looking to make a profit from their recently bought consoles. Hence, when a Nintendo Switch offers at a discounted price one may have to think twice before grabbing the offer.

Latest reports reveal that almost all listings on Amazon offering the Nintendo Switch at lower prices than the release price were found to be scams, Polygon reported. Apparently, there is an ongoing modus operandi where scammers create multiple new accounts and list down popular items below market price to trick customers into buying them. As of this writing, some units are selling for as low as $82.

Take note of the red flags when looking to buy a Nintendo Switch online. First off, if the account is relatively new with no reviews or feedback, then the product may be a scam. In addition, if the listing indicates one to two-week shipping date, note that legitimate users usually ship the product immediately while scammers just wait to receive the money before Amazon closes the transaction along with the account.

Nintendo Brings Summery Hues On Joy-Cons

In other news, Nintendo just announced a few hardware add-ons to the one-month-old Nintendo Switch console. During one of the Nintendo Direct live streams, a new color option for both left and right Joy-Cons and wrist strap has been revealed. Take note that a new neon yellow color option will launch on June 16.

A Nintendo Switch battery peripheral for the controllers has also been introduced. The add-on will be able to keep the controllers powered via AA batteries. Currently, Joy-Cons rely on internal battery power that can last about 20 hours each. Note that the AA battery pack will be launched alongside the new Joy-Cons and the launch of Arms.

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