Ubisoft Confirms To Deliver Patch 1.06 For PC For ‘For Honor’ Coliseum Map Available Soon?

By Paige McClure , Updated Apr 26, 2017 04:18 AM EDT

Ubisoft continues to make "For Honor" as functional and active as it can be, making a great progress in providing the game with improvements and additional stability. After the release of patch v1.05 for PS4 and Xbox platforms, PC players are now anticipating the next update for its platform.

The patch v1.06 is said to be giving improvements to Peacekeeper, Lawbringer, Warden, Berserker, Orochi and Shugoki characters. PC players will see improvements in the framerate, and stability. According to GameSinners, the framerate improvements for in-game menus and matches will certainly be included in patch 1.06.

Furthermore, Ubisoft has stated, "When game performance drops below a certain threshold, the simulation could suffer and eventually halt because it has reached a point that is unrecoverable (often seen as errors 06000018 and 06000021)."

Patch 1.06 will surely provide players with a better game experience. Additionally, the content of the rest of the patch included balancing tweaks and bug fixes. It is reported that players have been experiencing several problems with "For Honor" since its release on February 14.

The patch has also fixed the connectivity issues including network fluctuations when players are exchanging data. The patch also reduced the footprint of data exchanges.

In another news, PVP Live also reports of a leaked coliseum map that possibly came from Ubisoft released on their Youtube video. The leaked map includes the Warden and Warlord classes fighting in what looks to be a Roman arena.

However, there is no confirmation yet as to when this map will be released, or if the map will even be released at all. Stay tuned for more of "For Honor" news and update.

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