Microsoft Project Scorpio News: Technical Limits Unlikely, Thanks To 12GB GGDR5 RAM; Company Reaches Another Milestone

By Ben Lindon , Updated May 02, 2017 01:26 PM EDT

The Microsoft Project Scorpio is expected to boast 12GB of GGDR5 RAM. On this note, the CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell went to Twitter to note that there may be no technical limit for games on this upcoming platform. Wardell also suggested a few things to speed up the loading times on the console.

A Few Suggestions For Developers On Creating Games On The Scorpio

It should be noted that the actual allocation of the Microsoft Project Scorpio available to developers is 8GB. Note that this is bigger than what Soy allowed for game developers on the PS4 with only 5.5GB. Furthermore, Stardock's head noted that game developers may opt for a core-neutral engine to properly exploit the power of the new low-level APIs such as DirectX 12 which is also available on the Microsoft Project Scorpio.

Wardell noted that only the Stardock or Oxide's Nitrous Engine would fit the technical requirements for the Microsoft console. It should be noted that this engine has been used in the strategy game "Ashes of Singularity." Apparently, other studios may need a few more years to get up to speed with the engine.

Wardell further teased that a huge AAA game is expected to be produced with this Nitrous engine, WCCF Tech reported. The CEO further suggested that Vulkan and DirectX 12 may speed up the loading times on the Microsoft Project Scorpio noting that the two APIs are able to load graphics assets to GPU from several threads in parallel. Developers are expected to start using this feature in the near future.

Microsoft Program Just Crossed A Significant Milestone

In other news, Microsoft is celebrating three years of success with the ID@Xbox program. The program was initially launched to help indie developers in publishing their games. It has been revealed that over 500 games have already been shipped with the said program both on Windows 10 and Xbox One, Windows Central reported.

The Microsoft ID@XBox program director Chris Charla posted on the Xbox Wire blog a sincere gratitude to fans and developers. Charla noted that this time is indeed the golden age for indie games as well as the art form of games in general. Some hit titles that made use of the program are "Happy Wars," "Inside" and "Dangerous Spacetime."


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