Nintendo Switch Gets Version 2.2.0; Non-Zelda Games Get Ported On The Console

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 24, 2017 08:28 AM EDT

Nintendo Switch fans may now opt to get the latest version of the hardware. It should be noted that Nintendo has already rolled out version 2.2.0 ready for downloading. More games are expected to be ported to the latest console after the success of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on the hybrid gaming platform.

Minor Updates Arrive On Latest Console

Nintendo confirmed that the latest version of the Nintendo Switch will feature stability updates and some minor changes. The lone patch revealed that the improvements are aimed to enhance the user's experience. It is expected that more notable tweaks will be revealed about the update after gamers get a hold of it.

Top Non-Zelda Games Worth Playing On The Nintendo Switch

Meanwhile, the 2D side-scroller "Blaster Master Zero" from the NES has been ported on the Nintendo Switch. The latest version adds new bosses and weapons in the game along with new areas to play in. "Snake Pass" also arrives on the Nintendo Switch with inventive controls and a different way to get around, IGN reported.

In addition, Nintendo Switch gamers may opt to get the best moments from the "F-Zero" and the "Wipeout" series in "Fast RMX." The racing game runs at 60fps packing all the courses offered as a DLC on the Wii U version. The game also includes six new tracks.

Nintendo Switch gamers may also opt to play the intense 2D shooter "Graceful Explosion Machine or the top-down dungeon crawler "The Binding of Issac Afterbirth+." Young gamers may also opt to get the hilarious, 2D physics-based puzzle game, quintessential to the Nintendo switch experience as it offers co-op experiences.

Yacht Games also brought "Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove" on the platform complete with campaigns for Plague Knight or Shovel Knight. Note that the most notable part of Treasure Trove is in the Specter of Torment, as the expansion uses a prequel to narrate the tragic story of Specter Knight. The Nintendo Switch version also gets new bosses, levels, and mechanics. Take a look at the Nintendo Switch's latest update from the video below:


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