New 'Far Cry' Game Hinted By Ubisoft Post

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 07, 2017 07:33 AM EDT

Fans of the open-world first-person shooter (FPS) series "Far Cry" were reportedly surprised when Ubisoft posted an announcement through social media. The last game from the franchise was "Far Cry Primal" released back in 2016 with mixed reviews. It is obvious that fans of the series want the studio to release another installment, but the only possible clue is the developer's recent post.

Reports claim that Ubisoft France posted some "Far Cry 3" promotional artwork on their official Facebook page. The game was one of the studio's more critically-acclaimed installments of their FPS franchise. Game Rant reports that the posted image included a message in French, which translated into "an island that has never really left." While some gamers suspect it might just be a throwback to one of their successful titles, others speculate it could be a hint for their next project in the series.

"Far Cry 3" was apparently very successful and even led to a standalone expansion titled " Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon". Some gamers are reportedly hoping that Ubisoft will release a remastered version of the game for current-gen platforms. Other players are hoping that the developer might be teasing "Far Cry 5". They have speculated that the new game could be a prequel that stars the Vaas Montenegro instead.

Ubisoft received some backlash from fans who accused the studio of their reported reuse of the "Far Cry 4" map in "Far Cry Primal". It apparently angered a lot of the series fans to know that the developer took the easy route and appeared lazy with their work on "Primal". If the developer aims to reuse the elements from "Far Cry 3", they are expected to come up with something new to encourage fans to come back and play the game.

While fans are hoping for an announcement of a new "Far Cry" game, Ubisoft is in the middle of a hostile takeover by Vivendi. It was speculated that due to the current situation, the company won't release a new game from the series in 2017, as reported by PlayStation Universe.

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