Dev Reveals 'Overwatch' Competitive Season 5 Start Date; What We Know So Far

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 11, 2017 06:38 PM EDT

Jeff Kaplan has just revealed that competitive players only have until the end of May to push their ranks higher as the competitive season 4 draws to a close. Kaplan apparently posted the message on the official "Overwatch" forums to inform and encourage players to double their efforts to rank up. According to the game director, competitive season 5 will launch "around the first June," which leaves users at least a few more weeks.

"Overwatch" players already expect that the competitive game mode with undergo a break for about a week before the next season begins. Therefore, players have roughly two weeks left before the one-week break to get the ranks up and earn rewards. Game Rant reports that the more points players receive by the end of the current competitive season, the higher their chances to get a better placement in the competitive season 5.

According to the ranking system in "Overwatch", it seems to consider the previous rank players attained from the previous season to calculate their current placement. It will analyze the previous data to determine their starting score and placement ranks. For example, a player was able to reach Diamond rank in competitive season 4. That player will most likely start on the same rank in competitive season 5, regardless of the outcome of their placement matches.

Meanwhile, rumors have also spread that there will be a special "Overwatch" anniversary event as the game turns one-year-old on May 24, 2017. Several users were able to data mine the latest game patches to confirm the new event before competitive season 5 begins in June. Players expect the seasonal event to tide them over during the competitive season transition.

As previously reported by Gamenguide, several sources have already speculated that Doomfist is going to be the next character added to "Overwatch". Terry Crews previously teased fans when he shared a Facebook Live video teasing them with a Major Surprise for E3 2017. Sources already suspect that the character will be released in tandem with the games competitive season 5.

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