'Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite' No Cross-Platform Play, Confirms Capcom

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 08, 2017 09:21 PM EDT

After the official story trailer as well as some gameplay videos for "Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite", players began to speculate that the game might support cross-platform play. The developer has already introduced the feature in "Street Fighter V" where PS4 users can fight against PC gamers. However, it has been reportedly confirmed that the feature will not be available for "Infinite", as stated by Capcom's Mike Evans in an interview.

According to Mike Evans, instead of cross-platform play, Capcom will focus their efforts on the online lobbies, story mode, cinematic story mode and arcade mode, which are expected to be all available on launch day. Evans claims that they have learned their lesson from "Street Fighter V", which obviously had a disastrous launch due to some missing features. He said, "we want to take our time and make sure it's fully featured on day one," according to Game Rant.

It seems that cross-platform play requires more work and might take longer due to a lot of reasons. Capcom apparently wants to make sure that "Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite" launches as intended and as a complete game that fans will enjoy. Evans also pointed out that the requested feature was possible with "Street Fighter V" due to is exclusivity. On the other hand, "Infinite" is also slated to come out for the Xbox One, which makes it difficult for the developer to some make it work between the two console platforms.

Sources report that Capcom will support all three platforms equally, but the cross-platform play option between three different machines is considerably unreasonable. Capcom does not want "Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite" to follow in the footsteps of "Street Fighter V", whose exclusivity contributed to its poor sales and reception from the fighting game community.

Other than the cross-platform play, most fighting game fans reportedly want "Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite" to launch as a complete game. The official trailers released by Capcom already revealed a couple of new characters and a new system in place. According to Gamenguide, the fighting game will no longer have assists but allow players to tag in their partner anytime to extend or disrupt combos.

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