Devs Considering Gun Game Mode For 'Overwatch'

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 11, 2017 06:40 PM EDT

"Overwatch" has continuously introduced new game modes through special events. Some of these become so popular that fans often put in their requests to have Blizzard permanently include them in the game. One of the game modes added to the team-based shooter is Capture the Flag, which was introduced during their Chinese New Year event last February. Over at the Blizzard Forums, a fan has reportedly suggested that the developers add a Gun Game mode.

According to the forum post, "Overwatch" has always been a team-based shooter that pits several players as a group against the AI or against other gamers. Although the game already features a 1V1 game mode, it seems that fans want the developers to add a free-for-all mode similar to other titles, reports Game Rant. Jeff Kaplan expressed that the development would "like to try something like that," since the development team are "big fans" of Gun Game titles.

Sources note that it was the first time Jeff Kaplan showed genuine interest with a suggestion from the "Overwatch" community. Fans seem to feel that the addition of a new Gun Game mode will shake up the Arcade Mode. However, the developer appears to have a lot on their plate right now with the upcoming seasonal events and speculated new heroes. According to other reports, the current competitive season is already drawing to a close, so a new game mode might be considered for a later time.

The request Gun Game mode might also take longer to develop since several rumors claim the "Overwatch" developer is working on three new heroes. According to Gamenguide, along with these new additions to the roster are three new maps in development as well. Data miners have also revealed that the team-based shooter will have an anniversary event coming soon.

With the E3 2017 gaming event just over the horizon, fans can expect to hear some news and updates about "Overwatch". Blizzard might have some big announcements to make in store for fans. Some speculations claim that the developer might have a surprise in store for its first anniversary. Fans will just have to hope that a future reveal from the game studio will include the Gun Game mode for the team-based shooter.

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