PS4 Exclusives For 'Destiny 2' And How It Affects The Xbox One and PC

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 12, 2017 03:28 AM EDT

When "Destiny" came out gamers on both platforms enjoyed the game equally. That is until the Sony version received some exclusives that did not even make it to the Microsoft versions. When "Destiny 2" was officially revealed, it was confirmed that the Sony continued its deal with Bungie to provide exclusive content for the PS4 version of the game. It seems that gamers on Microsoft's side are upset about this decision leaves the Xbox One and

Gamers who have visited the official "Destiny 2" website have probably read about the timed exclusive content for the PS4. Game Rant has noted that the practice of time-exclusives is very common in the games industry nowadays. Certain console makers pay a premium price to keep their platform ahead of others. Other games like "Call of Duty" and "The Division" have also done the same thing with different platforms. However, it seems that the PC and Xbox One are left behind all over again with Bungie's sequel.

In some cases, the timed exclusive is just a few weeks or days ahead of other platforms, but in the case of "Destiny 2" the PS4 exclusive content will not reach the PC or Xbox One "until at least Fall 2018." The length of the waiting period is definitely a cause for concern for gamers not on Sony's platform. The details are reportedly in fine print in the game's trailers as well as the official website.

The reaction to the timed exclusives might not be that overwhelming if the contents being withheld are just cosmetic items, but just like the first game, there were some relevant items that all players wanted to get. The PS4 version of the original game had exotic weapons like the Hawkmoon and the Jade Rabbit. It also had the PVP map called sector 618 and the Echo Chamber strike. Xbox One users missed out on all these and PC users are most likely going to miss out on what "Destiny 2" has to offer just like the first.

Fans are highly anticipating the first gameplay showcase next week. The developers will be sharing actual live gameplay of "Destiny 2". According to Gamenguide, the live stream will not only include the PS4 and Xbox One but it will be the first time for the game to come out on the PC. It seems the only concern for fans right now is the timed exclusives, which are going to be delayed for the PC and Xbox One.

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