New Weapon Class Hinted By 'Destiny 2' Tweet

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 17, 2017 02:48 AM EDT

Fans only have a few days left until the official gameplay footage for "Destiny 2" goes public. However, fans have noted that a promotional image for the sci-fi shooter's sequel might have revealed a new weapon class. Gamers point out that the team-based FPS is going to introduce submachine guns based on shared promo image. According to past reports, the new weapon class was already rumored since last year.

The said "Destiny 2" promotional image was apparently shared by the official "Destiny" Twitter account, which further teases the worldwide gameplay showcase on Thursday, May 18, 2017. Gamers were quick to point out that the Warlock on the shared image is armed with a previously unseen firearm. Game Rant has noted that the previously revealed marketing posters of the sequel show a different weapon wielded by the same character. It might look like the same shotgun upon first glance but its barrel appears to have a silencer, which looks like some kind of submachine gun.

According to other descriptions, the featured firearm also features a scope and appears to be shorter in length that most of the available weapons from the first game. Other players claim that it might just be another existing weapon class or a new exotic firearm for "Destiny 2", but an accidental leak seems to prove otherwise. Reports claim that just a few days before the "Rise of Iron" expansion launched last year, users noticed a submachine gun class in the official "Destiny" API.

Rumors originally suspected that the submachine gun weapon class is one of the hidden surprises in store for the "Rise of Iron" expansion, but the weapons never made an appearance even in the "Age of Triumph" expansion. Most fans are confident that Bungie will take the time to showcase the new "Destiny 2" weapons during their gameplay reveal stream.

It looks like fans of the team-based shooter are excited to finally confirm if the submachine gun weapon class is indeed in the game. Additionally, after Gamestop shared images of its new "Destiny 2" merchandise, gamers have started to speculate that the sequel will also feature new subclasses, says Gamenguide. It seems that everything will be finally confirmed during the gameplay premiere this week.

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