'Destiny 2' Devs Extensively Testing Playable Build In Time For The Offical Gameplay Premiere

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 17, 2017 02:47 AM EDT

Gamers across the globe are finally going to catch their first glimpse of the official "Destiny 2" gameplay this week. Reports confirm that Bungie has revisited its developer podcast and also dropped some hints about the highly-anticipated sequel. The amount of information allowed for the developers to share with gamers is obviously limited, but it was apparently confirmed that the game is already in a playable state.

Several sources claimed that the development team is already having a blast playing with the current build of "Destiny 2". It is expected that most of the hardcore fans are envious of the people who are getting some hands-on time with the sequel. According to Game Rant, the recent news about the game being in a playable build at this point in time is suspected to be a relief for fans. Previously, there were rumors that the game was going to be delayed due to development problems.

However, Bungie intended to squash those delay rumors and appease its fans when they released the first official trailer for "Destiny 2" last March. Meanwhile, besides taunting expectant gamers about their access to the playable build of the sci-fi shooter, the sequel's game director Luke Smith shared more details about the upcoming gameplay reveal this week. Bungie's marketing department has surely planned to impress with its renting of two airplane hangars decorated with various elements of the shooter for the upcoming event.

Attendees of the "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal in Los Angeles will most likely appreciate the marketing team's effort. It has not been confirmed if the official live stream will showcase the venue's design and presentation. However, several notable publications have been reportedly invited, which means that key elements of the event will become available online together with some live gameplay videos of the latest playable build.

Gamenguide has reported that the "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal event will showcase the playable build for all platforms. This would be the first time that the sci-fi shooter becomes available for the PC and PC gamers are obviously hyped to see the game run on a powerful rig. The developer has also confirmed that attendees will be able to play some key parts of the game. Hopefully, all the speculations about the sequel will be confirmed during the event.

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